Board of Directors

Vermont Archaeology

The governing body of the Society is the Board of Directors, elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The Directors meet periodically to carry on the overall operation of the Society. Various committees, comprised of interested general members and Board members, report on their efforts at these meetings. Executive officers of the Society are elected by the Board of Directors.

2017 VAS Officers

Jacob Clay President Email

Angela Labrador Vice President Email

Christie Ertel Secretary Email


Appointed Positions

Niels Rinehart Journal Editor Email

Sarah van Ryckevorsel Treasurer Email

Past Presidents (Ex Officio)

Brennan Gauthier 1st Past President

Brigitte Helzer 2nd Past President

Board Members

Yvonne  Benney Basque Email

Randall Kuhlman Email

Niels Rinehart Email

Claire Robinson-White Email


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