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Mount Independence Visitors Center


Vermont State Historic Sites

The Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, through its network of state historic sites, offers many educational opportunities. Check out these brochures for teachers in pdf format.

Chimney Point State Historic Site

Mount Independence and Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Sites


Lesson PlansKellogg Hubbard Vermont Archaeological Society

Archaeology Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities from Archaeolink Links to many archaeology, anthropology, and history lesson plans. Teachers can search for those that fit their purposes.

Archaeology lesson plans from teach-nology Links to many archaeology lesson plans. Teachers can search for those that fit their purposes.

Society for American Archaeology: Teaching Archaeology: A Sampler for Grades 3-12 A number of links to archaeology lesson plans. Teachers can use these or model their lessons upon them.

Educational Resources

Educational Resources for Teachers and Kids Vermont Archaeological SocietyPowerful History: The Archaeology of Native People in the Champlain Lowlands A free PDF publication available from VELCO.

Illinois State Museum Resources for teachers and students from the Illinois State Museum. The examples are from the central U.S. plains.

Smithsonian Institution: Anthropology on the Internet for K-12 Smithsonian links to various archaeology sites. Note: this site will take you to more areas than archaeology alone.

Learning Sites, Inc.: Archaeological visualizations for interactive education and research Explore projects by location, type, and format at this commercial site. Though a commercial site, the examples of their work may be useful.

Dental Anthropology and Bioarchaeology Information on the study of teeth and what excavated remains can tell us about how people lived in the past.

Archaeological Sites, Simulations and Information

Pioneer Camp Vermont Archaeological SocietyVermont: Mount Independence State Historic Site Historic information, much of which has been gleaned from archaeological work. Though this site is not overtly archaeology, it can help demonstrate how the work of archaeologists has filled in gaps in our historical knowledge.

Reed’s Farmstead, West Virginia: Guides students through phases of their archaeological dig and findings. A site for elementary students constructed to interest them. In fact, the quality of the simulations can help teach students of all ages.

Homes of the Past: The Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse Extensive information about the longhouse, including archaeological investigations, from the Royal Ontario Museum. This is an excellent site to demonstrate how the archaeological dig leads to meaningful knowledge

Boston: Big Dig and Little Dig, from CommonPlace Sample archaeological findings from Boston’s “Big Dig” The artifacts can help students draw conclusions from the artifacts.

Historic Jamestowne interactive introduction to archaeology Interactive modules for students and information for teachers. This is a well-conceived site that moves students from “digging” to analyzing to drawing conclusions.